Mitsunari Kanai
8th Dan, Shihan
Chief Instructor of New England Aikikai (1966-2004)

Kanai Sensei discusses Iaido

By David Halprin and Joji Sawa

Editor’s Note: This interview with Kanai Sensei took place in November 2002. We greatly appreciate Kanai Sensei’s consideration in agreeing to discuss the subject of Iaido, and his help with correcting of the text. Kanai Sensei spoke mostly in Japanese, and we thank Joji Sawa for his invaluable help in translating and editing this and other material for Aikidosphere.

David Halprin, 6th Dan is Chief Instructor of Framingham Aikikai and Editor of AikidoSphere. Joji Sawa, 3rd Dan is a long time student of Kanai Sensei.